Chicken and rice cooked in Chinese style


  • meter (i.e. a gauge)one portion
  • chicken leg meat50g
  • bamboo shoot30g
  • shiitake mushroom (Lentinula edodes)20g
  • Naruto (or fish cake)20g
  • edamame (green soybeans)10 grains
  • soy saucefirst year (college) student
  • sakefirst year (college) student
  • sugarsecond-year elementary school student
  • oyster saucefirst year (college) student
  • salt (i.e. sodium chloride)1/2 small
  • sesame oilAltogether two.

way of making

  • 1

    clean rice without washing it

  • 2

    Cut chicken thighs into 2 cm cubes

  • 3

    Cut bamboo shoots (drained or boiled in water) into 5 mm cubes.

  • 4

    Cut shiitake and natto mushrooms into 5mm cubes.

  • 5

    Fry the ingredients in sesame oil in a frying pan.

  • 6

    Put the ingredients in a bowl and mix 180cc of water and seasoning A in a frying pan.

  • 7

    Put rice in the pot, pour in the seasoning liquid, and put the ingredients on top.

  • 8

    Cook (see How to Cook Rice)

  • 9

    Sprinkle with boiled edamame

Tips & Tricks

If you mix 20% glutinous rice with the rice, the glutinousness of the rice will increase, just like Chinese-style rice balls.

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