About the New Coronavirus Infection Control Certification System

  • 2020.10.01

Thank you for your continued support of 荻野屋.

The following stores have been certified as stores for new coronavirus infection control.

We will continue our efforts to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.


Gunma Prefecture: Stop Corona! Measures Certification System]

荻野屋 Yokogawa 297-1 Yokogawa, Matsuida-cho, Annaka-shi, Gunma

Yokogawa station store 399 Yokogawa, Matsuida-cho, Annaka-shi, Gunma

2552-5 Higashikamiakima, Annaka City, Gunma Prefecture

1222 Sakamoto, Matsuida-cho, Annaka-shi, Gunma

Myogi Fureai Plaza, 1-1 Myogi, Myogi Town, Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture


Nagano Prefecture: Declaration on Promotion of New Corona Countermeasures

荻野屋 Nagano Branch 2328-2 Akagawa, Nishiterao, Sasanoi, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

荻野屋 Suwa 4-39 Okidamachi, Suwa City, Nagano, Japan


*Certified stores will be added from time to time.

*For details of each certification system, please refer to the URL below.

Gunma Stop Corona! Certification Systemhttps://www.pref.gunma.jp/06/g09g_00363.html

Nagano Prefecture Declaration on Promotion of New Type Corona Countermeasureshttps://www.pref.nagano.lg.jp/service/corona_taisakusengen.html