For product delivery, we offer a variety of contact points, including EC mail order, factory direct delivery (pre-order), and external applications.
荻野屋 online site
Nationwide delivery

This will be an online store by "荻野屋", well known for 峠の釜めし.
We deliver various kamameshi and 荻野屋 products to your home or office.
We will deliver to your home freshly prepared numerous delicacies from Gunma and Nagano that only the long-established 荻野屋 can provide.

荻野屋 Official Online Store
Direct delivery from factory
Please make use of this service when purchasing multiple units for Tokyo only, conferences, etc.

荻野屋 Metropolitan Division delivers directly to customers from its manufacturing plant.
Advance reservations are required and should be used for training, entertainment, events, etc., when ordering a large number of items.
*Delivery charge: Calculated based on the delivery distance from the following manufacturing bases.

Manufacturing base
TOYA3Building B1F, 1-8-4 Kamitakaido, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 168-0074, Japan

  • If the minimum amount is not met, a separate delivery fee of 5,000 yen or more will be charged.
  • Please allow plenty of time for delivery dates and times.
  • Please note that delivery vehicles cannot be secured depending on the delivery date and time.
  • We will make every effort to deliver on time, but please understand that we may not be able to meet your requested delivery time due to unavoidable traffic conditions.
  • For direct delivery of one lunch box or more, you can also use an external application.
Details of factory direct delivery (pre-order)
External Apps
Same-day delivery from 八幡山 and Yurakucho stores

Delivery is made by a delivery agent to customers within the delivery area.
Suitable for immediate and small number of customers.

Target stores

荻野屋 八幡山 荻野屋 弦 Yurakucho

Please note the following
Delivery will be made by a delivery agent and may be delayed due to weather, traffic, or other unavoidable circumstances.
Please note that rice dishes and a la carte dishes are in take-out containers only, not in ceramic containers.