Ekiben Festival Information Update

  • 2023.01.23
  • Ekiben Fair

Thank you for your continued support of 荻野屋.

We have updated the following information on ekiben conventions.
We look forward to serving you.


Ito-Yokado January 25 (Wed) - 29 (Sun) 峠の釜めし (Pulp Mold)
Saturday, January 28 and Sunday, January 29, 峠の釜めし (ceramics)
Nakanobu Shopping Street Promotion Association, Sunday, January 29, 峠の釜めし (Pottery)
Takashimaya Department Store, Tuesday, January 31, 峠の釜めし (Pottery)

For sales areas and storeshere (place close to the speaker or where the speaker is)Please contact us from