Chikaramoti of Usui Pass

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The Usui Pass has been known as a strategic point along the Nakasendo Highway since the Manyo Period (710-794).
It is said that chikurimochi was served to passers-by at teahouses along the mountain pass.
The combination of mochi and sweet red bean paste made from Hokkaido azuki beans is a perfect match.
Product Details

trade (brand) name Chikaramoti of Usui Pass
Price 6 pieces 400 yen (tax included)
16 pieces 864 yen (tax included)
24 pieces, 1188 yen (tax included)
best before 3 days including the day of manufacture
allergy soya bean (soybean)
Sales location Yokogawa store, Jyoshinetsu Expressway Yokogawa service area store (up line), Karuizawa station store
Joshinetsu Expressway Tobu Yunomaru Service Area Store (downhill) and Suwa Store *6-pack only