Tori-no-momo Bento (Bento with Bird's Thumb)

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A hearty ekiben featuring Japanese chicken thigh meat. The tenderness and flavor of the chicken leg meat can be fully enjoyed.
Product Details

trade (brand) name Tori-no-momo Bento (Bento with Bird's Thumb)
Price 1,050 yen (tax included)
calorie 732 kcal
  • Rice (Koshihikari)
  • Deep-fried young chicken thigh with bone
  • Homemade chicken roast
  • Rishiri kelp tsukudani
  • simmered konnyaku
  • Homemade Chestnut mashed sweet potatoes with sweetened chestnuts
  • Japanese pickled vegetables
allergy Eggs, milk ingredients, shrimp, wheat, chicken, soybeans, sesame, apple
Sales location Yokokawa Store
Karuizawa station store
Nagano Tokyu Store