paella (Spanish rice dish)


  • meter (i.e. a gauge)one portion
  • fishing5 pieces
  • Seafood Mix30g
  • onion (edible plant, Allium cepa)one (object)
  • garlic (Allium sativum)one game (checkers, etc.)
  • Lyophyllum shimeji (species of edible mushroom)20g
  • bell bell pepper1/10 of a piece
  • zucchini1/5 of a stick
  • young cornone (object)
  • lemon1/10 of a piece
  • olive oilthe third highest division
  • solid bouillonone (object)
  • saffronsmall quantity
  • salt and peppersmall quantity

way of making

  • 1

    clean rice without washing it

  • 2

    Saute minced garlic and onion in olive oil in a frying pan.

  • 3

    Add seafood mix, scallions, shimeji mushrooms and bell peppers and saute lightly.

  • 4

    Transfer the ingredients to a bowl, add 180cc of water, the bouillon solids, saffron, and salt and pepper to taste.

  • 5

    Put rice and soup in the kettle and put ingredients on top.

  • 6

    Cook (see How to Cook Rice)

  • 7

    Cut zucchini into bite-sized pieces, boil, and place on top of cooked rice.

  • 8

    garnish with lemon

Tips & Tricks

Frozen seafood mix is used to eliminate preparation of seafood.

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