Service area with a panoramic view of nature in Shinshu
Located on high ground, the Tobu Yunomaru Service Area (downhill line) offers a panoramic view of the nature of Shinshu.
Relax and unwind from your travels while savoring the natural air.

Store Name Jyoshinetsu Expressway Tobu Yunomaru Service Area (down line)
Access Jyoshinetsu Expressway Tobu Yunomaru Service Area (down line)
Location 1853-1, Nematsu, Tomi-city, Nagano, 389-0506 Japan
Business Hours Shopping Corner :Open 24 hours
Tabito Kitchen (FF corner): open 24 hours
Annex 峠の釜めし store : 10:00-17:00
BREADCAST (Bakery): 8:00 a.m. to
Restaurant Tower : 11:00-15:00 (L.O. 14:30)
TEL 0268-62-6102
FAX 0268-62-7102
uniform resouce locator Dorapura Tobu Yunomaru Service Area (downhill)

峠の釜めし Shop (separate building)

The "峠の釜めし" has been a long-time favorite since 1958 to the present day.
Yokogawa is synonymous with "deliciousness," and we will continue to provide the same "deliciousness" with sincerity.

Tabito Kitchen

Tabito Kitchen is a combination of the words travel + people + eat (eat).
We provide safe, secure, and delicious food to our customers. We offer a seasonal menu that makes the most of local ingredients.


A bakery offering freshly baked bread. The bakery is designed to look like a modern bakery in the highlands, and offers about 30 items of bread (BREAD) under the concept of "BROADCAST" (spread delicious bread widely).

Restaurant Tower

峠の釜めし and tender and juicy pork cutlets, which are served after receiving your order,
Enjoy 荻野屋's attention to detail in a spacious and relaxing atmosphere.